Big PenFor those of you who use Bidfer sites to get work, this survey may be of interest. Sid left a comment regarding the survey on one of my posts, which I thought may interest some of my readers. I’ve included the 2 comments below so you can decide if you want to take it and help him create an idyllic freelance work site πŸ˜‰

Good luck Sid I hope you find what you need to and construct a first class freelancing experience

First Comment

I am doing a survey on freelancing websites. It has 6 questions and will take less than 2 minutes to complete. I would be grateful if you guys can take it. I’ll be happy to share the results as well.

Survey Monkey




Second Comment

Thanks for taking the survey Nigel. I will be happy to share the results once I have more responses (I have only 4 so far so the conclusions won’t be meaningful just yet). Please feel free to write to me on my personal email

The reason for the survey is to explore a better alternative to current freelancing websites. I have some ideas and theories and want to validate them.