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WriterBay.com and Paperwritings.com – Living Under the Same Roof – Is It A Question of Ethics

In the past I posted a blog on the ethics of completing dissertations, essays and coursework for students. In the blog I called out a company who owned 2 websites, WriterBay.com, used to attract writers to complete the work, and Paperwritings.com, advertising to students to have their work completed for them. Both companies work from the same address in Dublin, but for some reason there is no link from one site to the other; I wonder why?

The original blog can be read at https://wrapcloth.wordpress.com/2012/01/24/writerbay-com-and-paperwritings-com-living-under-the-same-roof-is-it-a-question-of-ethics/

Questionable Ethics

Justifying Dissertation Cheating

Is it cheating or the same as hiring a tutor?

As the result of a comment posted by hawkdad73, I was digging around trying to find a similar site to those mentioned above, where I had read a pretty good justification of why this type of writing was ethical and justified. It is on the website http://www.ukessays.com/faqs.php#tag5b

Their landing page has changed from when I took this screenshot and the link to ‘Is using a custom essay cheating?’ seems to have gone.

The company is part of a larger business,  All Answers Ltd. They were founded in 2003. They are a legitimate company that has been in business for sometime and are registered with Companies House in the UK. I’m still struggling with whether this type of help is legitimate or not. Is it cheating or the same as hiring a tutor? I’m not really sure.

However if we accept this companies legitimacy, there are many others that are not quite so shy in saying what they do.

Writing Student Dissertations – Don’t Get Caught

During the digging I came across another similarly named website to that mentioned above; https://ukessay.co.uk/

Now here they have not bothered to disguise the unethical nature of what they do. Here they just add the following comment in order to reassure the student cheating their way to a qualification, with the line: –

“We guarantee never to resell your essay, which many companies do, exposing you to the risk of being caught.”

Come cheat your way to a degree, well if you can afford to.

Well fair enough at last a site “that does what it says on the tin”, lets you know you are cheating your way to a qualification you don’t deserve.

And of course, you would trust a company implicitly that condones students obtaining their qualifications by illicit means to stand by their guarantees, nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more.