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Social Application Disadvantages – They’re All Going – Twitter, Facebook, Klout

That’s it! I know you haven’t heard me ranting for a while, just blogging some nice poetry (oh and some clever stories (“big-head”, I hear you shouting)), whilst busily trying to find some writing work, which I haven’t found.

After many months I have finally decided to ditch the ‘must have’ social applications that allegedly give you an edge when trying to run your small business.

Start of Rant

MR ANGRY © Dawn Hudson | Dreamstime.com

MR ANGRY © Dawn Hudson | Dreamstime.com

The catalyst for this rant was the receipt of a DM (Direct Message) from a friend on my Twitter account.

It stated “Hello… this person is posting nasty things about you :/” and a website address.

Obviously I followed the link, wouldn’t you want to know who, why and what was being spread about them? There was always the chance of spam of some kind, but the Tweet did come from a friend! Actually, depending on who, what and which context someone is saying “nasty things”, I don’t really give a fig if they’re bad mouthing me or not.

Ironically the link led to a Russian writing site, in English.  I went on to discover I had oodles (not noodles, Christy) of the same and similar Tweets in my DM box, and, worse still I had sent loads out myself. This had resulted in people contacting me to see what I was up to and even labeling me as a spammer.

This started me thinking of the usefulness of these ‘essential’ applications and the time it takes to maintain them.

Do I need Twitter or any other Social Media for that matter?

When I started on my trek to become a freelance writer, I wasn’t foolish enough to think it was going to be easy. The lifestyle suited the family nicely, I could  work from home, be on hand should the need arise and work my hours around whatever else was happening in our lives. No, it wasn’t going to be easy, but I had time to give it a crack.

During the infinite learning curve we constantly go through I have been conned and robbed, luckily the violence involved was only mentally received. I have received some great, some good and some terrible advice; some was even about writing. I have also met, metaphorically speaking, some very nice people from all around the world, and a few oddballs.


What have I achieved with Twitter? My followers have increased from about

 In Buttons, Design, By Adriano

In Buttons, Design, By Adriano

12 to 136. I’m following 183 people as opposed to about 40 when I started becoming a writer. I have now Tweeted 632 Tweets compared to about 30 at the outset. The downside being I have received no business offers or inquiries about writing.

I have been Retweeted on a number of occasions. Thank you @mickdavidson, @MarcPBabineau, @AnnMarieDwyer, @christybis and maybe one or two others. I did get a few articles into online papers because of Tweets, but they led to nothing further.

Has Twitter got me paid work? “No.” And that was the aim.

When it comes down to it, very few people read your Tweets. It’s impossible too. I have 136 followers and if they all Tweet 1 Tweet a day that’s 136 Tweets.  I know they don’t all Tweet, but for every 1 that doesn’t there are a large number multi-Tweeting, some as many as 10 Tweets an hour. You would literally have to be glued to your screen all day to read them all.


Beer Cap – Cute Little Factory (Andrea Austoni

Some of my followers/following have over ten thousand followers themselves, seriously are they going to Re-tweet anything they receive as a Tweet. I don’t think so.

If they did Re-tweet to their 10,000 followers how many of those followers would be looking for a writer and be looking at their Tweets just at the right moment to see a link to a writer’s blog? Not many I guess.

Does the time I spend playing with Twitter justify itself or would I be better off writing a few articles on Factoidz (now Bukisa) or Hubpages and get some revenue at least for my efforts.

As an experiment I am leaving my laptop for a few hours, let’s see how many Tweets I’ve got waiting when I get back. Arriving back an hour and a half later and there are 99 Tweets waiting, have I time to read them? “no”. In a 24 hour period that’s roughly 1600 Tweets, and the US hasn’t really woken up yet. (This is about 11.30am GMT.)

furry cushion facebook – Andrea Austoni


Another Social media application I use is Facebook.

I have 224 friends, mostly personal friends, family and acquaintances. With Facebook, like Twitter, Google+, Yahoo and LinkedIn, whenever I post a new blog or article I send out an automatic message to all contacts I have on the respective media.

The replies I get from my friends, either close to me or who I see/speak to regularly is: – “What is that crap you keep filling my wall up with.” To be fair I can understand this, they don’t want to be writers, they want to listen to the ‘goss’ and look at each others ‘pics’; fair enough.

Don’t get me wrong, the majority do care about me and my family, but have no interest in writing. If you take my family, friends and acquaintances out of the total I’m probably left with about 20 contacts I’ve acquired since I found out how important social media is to me.

Of those 20 half are probably writers like myself trying to earn a living writing or are already successfully writing; the long and the short of it is, they are unlikely to come to me to offer work. The other half are companies trying to interest me in investing money, I haven’t earned yet, to grow my business which is still tightly encased in its seed shell.

All-in-all Facebook isn’t working either, well, not for me. So I have stopped promoting anything on Facebook.


Klout logo.

Klout logo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now what is Klout all about?

I have been a member at Klout for a few months now and still haven’t grasped what it’s all about. I commented, in a discussion group once, that I had a Klout score of 45, mainly due to having 250’ish Facebook friends and 130’ish Twitter followers; so I can’t understand why the UN weren’t beating down my door to have me resolve a world conflict or two.

Surely I can’t have that much influence just because I have a couple of 100 friends? I unattached my Facebook account and my ‘Klout’ dropped by about 75%. If I doubled my Facebook friends surely I could be rubbing shoulders with President Obama.

Jack Dorsey and Barack Obama at Twitter Town H...

Jack Dorsey and Barack Obama at Twitter Town Hall- The name of the hall is spooky, as my wife would say.

If there are any big time ‘Klouters’ reading this, please let me know what the point of Klout is and how it really helps me?

For those pondering over signing up to Klout, maybe some better questions to ask would be: –

  • has anyone been asked their Klout score in a job application process?
  • do any employers take any notice of a Klout score?
  • has anyone ever been asked what they are influential in?
  • Why Klout?

Conclusion and apology

They are all going, Twitter, Facebook and Klout.

Since starting this rant I have had my Facebook account hacked by someone from the Far East, causing me a little grief. Life has got a bit busier, so time is limited therefore meaningless voting on Klout is also out.

I apologise to all of you who regularly Tweet or Facebook my blogs and vote for me on Klout, but I will not be reciprocating.

I will of course still be supporting all who follow me and those I like to follow. I will still be reading and commenting on your blogs etc. and will Like, Google+, re-blog and LinkedIn as per normal.

Hopefully I will speak to you soon and you will enjoy listening 😉