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I was conducting a bit of research for an article on the comedian and actor Chris Tucker. The research included the film ‘Friday‘ starring Tucker and Ice Cube. For those who don’t know ‘Friday’ was the story of Smokey (Tucker) and Craig (Ice Cube) as they smoke and drink the day away, eventually managing to smoke the local drug dealers whole stash causing the real fun to commence.

It was the first in a serious of 3 films and the only one to feature Tucker. Tucker allegedly refused to be in the other two on religious grounds.

In November 2011 it hit the press that Ice Cube and Tucker had been in talks regarding making another sequel to ‘Friday’, but nothing really has been heard since.

What’s happening in the social media?

I took a look at Tucker’s Twitter page@realctucker, and noticed a post dated the 31st January 2012 which stated ‘So you guys want another “Friday”??????’. Well, it seems Tucker was doing a bit of self-promotion and drumming up some support. The tweet received 50+ retweets within 10 hours and with a following of 76,048 it has the potential of becoming reality should they all decide to retweet the comment.

I noticed the Tweet was originally posted on Facebook where the results seemed quite favourable with 21,829 likes, 369 shares and 5,349 comments made in the same 10 hour period.

Being nosey and a bit cheeky I made contact with the press office of New Line Cinema, the production company of ‘Friday’, asking if they could confirm if the next instalment of ‘Friday’ was in the pipeline.  After a few queries about who I was the replies dried up.  Spooky, as my wife would say, returning to Chris Tucker’s Facebook page I refreshed the page and discovered all posts after the 20th January had disappeared, including the above reference to the film; it does still show on Twitter though.

“What the (bleep) is going on?”

Two days later it’s still on Twitter and additional posts have been added to Facebook, but the reference to ‘Friday’ is still missing.

Talk of conspiracy

So is there something going on behind the scenes with Tucker and New Line Cinema or is Tucker just trying to drum up support so a sequel will be made and aid his alleged financial short comings.

Who knows? I certainly don’t, because New Line Cinema deem me to low in the food chain to share their information with or even just to say “sorry we can’t tell you.”