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Article writing websites come in many sizes, shapes and forms. I have written about a number of them through this blog and normally for the wrong reasons.  Well a few weeks ago I looked at a site calling itself ‘Hotype’ which I presume is a play on 2 words.  Unfortunately it has me pronouncing it Ho-type not Hot-ype which is their preference judging by the colourisation in the screenshot below. (what a brilliant word ‘colourisation’ is for confusing the WordPress dictionary as it has both the UK ‘u’ in colour and an ‘s’ instead of the US ‘z’; I’m sorry but I am not correcting them just because I am writing on an US app.)

Please don’t rush away my friends from around the world as I can only find a UK site for Hotype; I’m not sure if you can write for them if you’re resident outside the UK but maybe you won’t want to after reading this and I’m sure there will be similar companies available wherever you live. They did originate in Italy and I believe they opened a site in Germany too.

Hotype On Hotype

Hotype describe themselves as: –

Hotype is a platform of original material created by expert authors who follow a writing performance code which is in place to increase visibility on search engines.

For Authors – Earn money by writing!You don’t need to be a professional writer,just use correct spelling and good grammar.Write where and when you want!

Nor do you need to insert the prescribed spaces in sentences.

nigelld on Hotype

I did not see them as the saviour of my writing career but as a step along the way to earning some much-needed cash so I registered.

After supplying your email address you are sent a link to follow and on entering the site for the first time you need to complete your personal details and select your categories; you cannot get to the jobs until this is done. Your personal details include your VAT No. or Fiscal Code? I input my tax reference number that appeared to be accepted as it let me move on; also you must upload a copy of an identity document.

When it comes to choosing categories be very careful as you can only choose 8 and once chosen you’re stuck with them.

Hotype on Jobs

Well you start at a star rating of 1 and provided you ‘reach a higher quality level’ you can progress to 4 stars. I don’t know much about their grading system or how they measure your progress other than it has something to do with supplying grammatically correct articles with good spelling.  I have looked through the blurb, FAQ’s and the Terms & Conditions but cannot find one reference to the subject.

The exciting thing was getting to the articles on offer, a very short-lived excitement indeed. There were a few articles there, probably not enough to warrant the search facility but maybe it is early days.  All were for a word count of 90/150; so quite short then and the payment is £1.20 or $1.85 US; well that won’t cover the research. The per word payment for 1 star rating is £0.008 and progresses through £0.01 and £0.012 to £0.015 for top-level 4.

Hotype Rubs Salt Into the Wound

English: Worker at the salt fields in Strunjan...

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I suppose a very rough calculation could give you a figure of about $5 for 500 words, not quite as bad as $1 for 500 words but getting there.

Now if your pride equals the wound here comes some salt to rub in it. The salt comes in the form of the phrase ‘stop words‘.  What are ‘stop words’? Well they are in the words of Hotype ‘The following is a list of words that will not be counted in your overall wordcount and will therefore not be paid: [sic].  The Hotype ‘stop words’ can be found at the bottom of this post.

Now, it is only my thinking, but that knocks a serious dent in your word count and therefore your fee.

I have seen ‘stop words’ mentioned in an article once in the context of non-payment (please don’t ask where) but from delving around, aka research, they were words that search engines do not consider when storing data. (look her for basic interpretation)

Seems like Hotype are just paying for words that a search engine can find so they get maximum SEO for minimal pay.

If you get 3 negative feedback’s you are booted off Hotype but you cannot get paid unless you have accrued £20.00 or more in your account.

As a Freelance Writer would You Find This Strange?

The attitude to plagiarism seems unusual to say the least; I would have said that plagiarism as a writer is probably the worst crime you could commit and would feel justified for booting someone for committing such a heinous offence. Not Hotype though, their punishment is to dock you $0.50 [sic], everything else is in £’s, and crediting you with 1 negative feedback.

I think that final paragraph sums it up for me so I will not be able to tell you how long it will take to achieve the grammatical and spelling heights of level 4.

I would love to hear your views and thoughts, good or bad, however abuse will be spammed.

😉 nigelld

Below is a list of words and phrases Hotype do not pay you for if you include them in an article: –

to, all, with, by, of, in, on, for, between, against, I, you, he, she, us, you, their, my, your, his, its, our, I, you, us, there, the, them, a, but, and, if, because, also, as, Do, where, who, where, not, more, which, as, many, much, that, those, this, these, this, these, or, I, you, has, we, you have, have, will, would, had, you had, will have, we had, I had, we had, having, be, would be, was, we were, you were, being, I do, we are, we would, would you, did you, did, were doing, were, didst, made, you did, we did, I will, you’ll be, will stand, we’ll, you stay, will stand, I would, Would you lie, we would, you would be, you were, were, stood, we stayed