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Textbroker.co.uk – Yippee Us Brits Can Become Article Writers

Notice: – There is no inference being made here that textbroker.co.uk is trying to scam you.

The big problem with textbroker.com is you cannot join them unless you are resident in the good old US of A?  Wrong, good news, it is now available in the United Kingdom @ textbroker.co.uk. 

What is Textbroker.com?

Textbroker.com describe themselves as ‘a mediator between writers and content clients’, in other words they facilitate between a client looking for written content and freelance writers looking for work.  They are not a charity so they collect a fee for providing this service.

They are regarded as the better, if not the best, company supplying this type of freelance writing work.  The rate paid to writers does not compare to freelance journalists rates but is a lot better than most of their competitors.  A number of writers earn a reasonable living writing for them.

Why Go To Textbroker.co.uk?

Whether you are a budding freelance article writer or someone who has been writing for some time, textbroker is an ideal place for those looking for alternative markets to ply their wares or find work.

Textbroker.co.uk registration

Whilst registering you supply the standard personal details and payment method plus you must complete a short article on one of four subjects supplied; it is a maximum of 250 words and is set to gauge your writing ability; it checks spelling, grammar, creativity etc.

“Why?” you ask in an excited voice or not.  Well writers are graded on ability starting at 2 star, the lowest, going up to 5 star, surprise, surprise the highest. Each level entitles you to a different rate of remuneration; yes I think you’ve worked that one out.  The 5 star’s obviously pick up the cream of the assignments and the best pay.

Now it really doesn’t matter how good a writer you are starting at the 5 star level is a no, no.  You may be Ernest Hemingway or J. K. Rowling but it cuts no ice.  I don’t know if you can enter at 4 star level as I was only awarded 3 stars for my effort; d**n and that was some of my best writing too.

The feedback on your article isn’t instantaneous, which I think is good as it makes it look like someone has actually looked them over; I think I had my grading back within 36 hours.  Understandably there is no feedback on your ‘article’ and they can refuse to accept you altogether, so I feel honoured with my 3 stars (there is only a teeny-weeny bit of tongue in cheek there). Provided you produce good writing you can progress to the higher levels and qualify for projects that are better paid.

Like everyone Like quite a few people I would love to hit the jackpot and live like a rock star for the rest of my life but that is an ideal unlikely to happen.  Luckily I’m in a place, at the moment, where I can take some time to build a writing income and will not need to break the earnings bank if I’m lucky enough to succeed; so textbroker.co.uk would satisfy my needs until I get a better ‘gig’ (or not).

Textbroker.co.uk – The Sting in the Tail

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This is my gripe!  In the advertising blurb that builds you up to grabbing the keyboard and filling in your details textbroker.co.uk clearly informs you that once accepted it will give you the opportunity  to view thousands of article writing opportunities just waiting to be written (paraphrased).

You can imagine my excitement when the email arrived with my 3 star rating, an early Christmas present!  I could grab a few articles and plough right on and start working on increasing my star rating.

Tally-ho (very English) off to the website!

  • Logged in
  • Found relevant page
  • scrolled down to appropriate section
  • Total number of articles available 28 😦
  • Okay no problem lets just grab some 3 stars and get out, there’s none, everything’s 4 & 5 star 😦 😦
  • I’ve done something wrong, search everywhere – nothing
  • Refresh regularly – nothing (I’ve done this for 96 hours maximum jobs 29 nothing below 4 star)
  • Email textbroker.co.uk to and ask them to explain where my thousands of jobs can be found

Textbroker.co.uk Replies to Email

“The amount of orders available for our authors to write is dependent upon the number of orders that our clients place, and orders come in constantly at all times of the day and night as they are placed. 

Unfortunately, we can’t be sure when clients will place orders and at which levels.  As more clients sign up with us each day, it is our hope that there will soon be more assignments available at all levels.  Thank you for your patience with our system.  Please don’t hesitate to let me know if I can be of further assistance or if you have any other questions at all.  Have a wonderful day, and thank you for using Textbroker!”

‘I really wish I was using Textbroker!!!!’

Seriously Though

I realise companies have to start somewhere but textbroker has been going for sometime now even if the UK branch is still quite young.  Surely a better approach could have been used to draw writers in rather than a promise of thousands of jobs waiting, a blatant ‘porky pie’ (cockney rhyming slang).

I am now perched on the edge of my typing chair constantly F5’ing to make sure I don’t miss the first 3 star job along with many thousands of ‘me’s’ scattered all over the UK but what really worries me is that there will be a sudden surge of 3 stars in a niche I know nothing about; “Doctor give me another sick note the stress is back.”

If you read this before New Year then have a  Happy New Year, if after New Year Happy Birthday for 2012.

Thank you for listening to my endless struggle to find work.

nigelld of wrapcloth 😉