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http://www.scam.com – Are all scams equal or are some scams more equal than others

Statement: Nothing in this article is meant to infer that the website http://www.scam.co is in itself a scam.

During my small attempt to undermine those writing websites offering us eternal wealth through their must have software or package of teaching materials I came across a website http://www.scam.com where as a member you can discuss, warn or rant about scams you may have discovered or been caught by.

Obviously all of this is for the benefit of all of humankind and help/protect others likely to make the same mistake.

A visit to http://www.scam.com to join up

Well with my gong and banging stick grasped firmly in each hand I marched off to http://www.scam.com and became a member.

My mission was clear.

  • I could research similar scams or find more information out about the ones I have already blogged.
  • I could post my own findings with links to my blogs so interested parties could be forewarned.

The site has good old-fashioned no-nonsense webpages with no confusing whistles and bells so it is easy to negotiate.  The site has 27 boards covering all the major scam subjects and thousands of posts.

Choosing the Forum at http://www.scam.com

I decided on the ‘Work at Home Scams’ forum.  There wasn’t one specific to writing and of the others I thought this was the best.

I posted my first discussion thread using the same title as my Wrapcloth Writings blog, “Verbumsoft or Directfreelance.com – A Legitimate Company or Another Scam – You Judge“.  I left a little pre-amble and a link to the blog page.

After about a week 190 people had visited the thread and although no one had left a comment, if one person was saved then… you know the rest.

I decided to post another thread and posted another Wrapcloth Writings blog “Interview with a ‘Business Opportunity’ – Honest“.

Being a bit anal I like to keep abreast of the visitors so take a look every couple of days hours minutes to see how many damsels in distress I may have saved.  My posts are easy to spot in the list as the envelope icon highlights your own threads.  I did a F5 refresh on the forum page one evening and bang! my posts had disappeared.

From Wikipedia

I searched all the forums for the titles and on my name – zilch.  One theory was I may have put it in the wrong forum another that http://www.scam.com may have had to remove it for legal reasons. My dashboard owned up to the fact I had posted ‘no threads’ but would not tell me more, despite the Spanish Inquisition‘ and the ‘comfy chair’.

So how did I address this with http://www.spam.com?

Well to answer that there was only one way, good old email.  I have emailed them twice over the course of 2 weeks and have received no reply to either. This is probably what is miffing me the most, no explanation.

  • If I’ve breached their rules – I can handle that
  • if one of the damsels has complained about inappropriate behaviour – I can handle that
  • basically if I’ve done something wrong – I can handle it

But please tell me what it is so I don’t do it again AND if you give your public the chance to contact you, you must at least be prepared to answer them or don’t give them the chance in the first place.

If anyone can give me an explanation – please let me know and I will be eternally grateful.  Okay back to polishing the armour and gong.