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WARNING: This article contains sarcasm, quite a bit actually.

An interesting conversation took place on the ‘Writing & Writer Jobs, Freelance & Technical Writer Jobs’ group’s discussion board at LinkedIn the other day.

The link to the discussion is: –


What was unusual was the original poster actually joined the conversation; now you may say that is quite normal and generally a natural progression as further comments are made.  The unusual thing about this discussion was the original post was advertising a freelance writing ‘business opportunity‘.  Normally after this type of link is posted you tend to get comments deriding the post or some poor misguided souls who believe it but rarely do you get the poster interacting with the group and justifying the opportunity they’re offering us.

This particular link was on behalf of RealWritingJobs.com and posted by Brian Moody.  There was at least one other similar link to the same site within other groups; ironically the poster became the most influential person within the group despite taking no further part in the discussion.  This is a link to that page.


Alongside the many, many bid-for sites available online allowing us freelance writers a chance to make a fortune in writing revenue; yes I bit my tongue as I typed that as it is firmly stuck in my cheek, we now seem to be becoming inundated with freelance writing ‘business opportunities‘.

What are freelance writing ‘business opportunities’ I hear you shout

Freelance writing ‘business opportunities’ are basically sites that offer to sell you a course or materials that teach you how to become a ‘freelance writer’.  Once you have applied yourself to learning these sure-fire techniques you will then be capable of earning a phenomenal income with your new writing skills and finding well paid jobs no-one else can find.  Now you may have picked up on a few whispers of sarcasm and incredulity there; and yes I have bitten my tongue again.  I think my natural  look for concentrating involves placing the tongue firmly in my cheek.

So basically they fall short of offering you writing work but will offer you the tools to become a writer and the forerunner in winning these jobs as you will be in a better position than any other writer because of the guidance they have given, sorry, sold you.

Analysing the website

Screenshot RealWritingJobs.com

Screenshot RealWritingJobs.com

RealWritingJobs.com are not alone in this type of ‘business opportunity’, there are quite a few of them selling this type of educational package but RealWritingJobs.com comes to the forefront as it has appeared within several discussion groups I belong to and one of the posters justified his product in open debate.

Well to be fair when you open the webpage as a neutral unbiased observer you find it is well laid out and a professional looking site.

You will see the image of a slim attractive young lady with the smile worn only by


RealWritingJobs.com The Writer Can you see the join

those most successful writers.  When I first looked at her I thought she was rather to slim bordering anorexic but the more I looked at her I realised what was pulling my focus; her face has been morphed onto the body; does this raise the question who is the mystery lady?  Not really I don’t care that much, but it may help you decide on the validity of the sites promoters.

The Claims

On the webpage the brightly coloured eye-catching headlines declare: –

  • “Urgent! Writers Needed, more writing jobs than we can fill…”
  • “Fresh Writing Jobs Daily!”
  • “Get Paid To Write Articles & Stories.  Thousands of topics to write about! (Up to $100/article & $/story)”
  • “Help Improve Books & Movie Scripts. Give your suggestions and get paid! (Up to $25 -$45/hour)
  • Get Cash For Writing Blog Posts. Create content for thousands of blogs! (Up to $25-50 per blog post)
  • Thousands of people online are making $1000s per month doing simple writing jobs from home! See how they’re doing it by signing up now!

The really interesting part of this webpage is right down below the final banner.  After a short space and printed in a colour that sort of blends with the background you find the RealWritingJobs.com – Earnings Disclaimer; you may have to highlight the disclaimer in order to read it.  I was going to include its contents here but it increases the word count by nearly a quarter.

Marrying the Two

Having drawn you in with the claims of fantastic earning potential and prolific work opportunities the disclaimer then does a pretty good job of distancing them from any of their claims.

To quote a few snippets: –

  • ….Earning potential is entirely dependent on the person using our product, their ideas and techniques….
  • ….Your level of success in attaining the results claimed in our materials depends on the time you devote to the program, ideas and techniques mentioned, your finances, knowledge and various skills….
  • Materials in our product and our website may contain information that includes or is based upon forward-looking statements….
  • …..in fact no guarantees are made that you will achieve any results from our ideas and techniques in our material
These are just a part of the disclaimer and to ensure I am not taking them out of context please visit the site and read them yourself; I am sure you will draw the same conclusion as I have, you are on your own once you’ve parted with your money.
The Interview
I’m sorry but the word ‘interview’ is a bit misleading in as much as it was not an interview per se but replies made during the group discussion by the poster Brian Moody; again I encourage you to go to the conversation as I am taking a few snippets and wish you to know how they fell into the conversation so that the ‘out of context’ rule doesn’t apply.  See if you can find the comment I would love to have included ‘out of context’. (Sorry no prizes)
  • Some people keep complaining of a scam. You ever hear this saying? ” Sometimes it takes money to make money…..
  • …..It is an expense, it is a tax write off here in the states. It’s the cost of doing business…..
  • …..I am going to make some money$$$
  • Patty maybe I can buy you an Anger Management class.Would you go if I did? ……
My Own Thoughts
Well I thought Brian did a very good job of putting a positive spin on my comments about earnings.  I also agree the fees charged may be recoverable through your tax return but he did fail to mention you still need to earn that money to claim it as a tax return.  The guy obviously has some intelligence so I cannot understand why he got involved in tit-for-tat sniping and insults if he knew he had a genuine product.
As a decorated Army Veteran and retired Police Officer myself my answer to helping vulnerable people was to work for a homeless charity once retired not by trying to pull the wool over their eyes in order to make myself money$$$.  As the disclaimer says RealWritingJobs.com is not a ‘get rich quick scheme’, well maybe not for the vulnerable people who get caught but maybe it is for those doing the catching.
And I can assure you Brian I have looked at it from both ends and having done so my initial view has not changed, despite the fact you chose to miss my sarcasm in the discussion.

STOP PRESS:  While editing this blog in the last few hours surprise surprise 3 more discussions have been posted for RealWritingJobs.com by a member named kayla zahara[sic].  All have been flagged inappropriate and relevant warnings added to the comments.