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Thank you

Not being able to boast this is my first blog any more I will move rapidly on, just pausing long enough to thank those who read my first blog and especially those who left comments or voted.

Continuing on a theme – Scammers

You are probably wondering what Danny and a Trampoline have to do with freelance writing scammers.  It is not as you may believe a new method, invented by a guy called ‘Danny’, of bouncing you up and down so you become so confused you end up paying the client for allowing you to write for them; some of the fees being advertised on these freelance sites will certainly make you feel like they’re doing you a favour by employing you.

No, it’s even simpler than that, although you never know with these guys they may well resort to it at some stage.  No the simple answer is, it was a ‘test’.

The test explained

Yes just like the good old school days we can still be subjected to those painful experiences set at highlighting our inadequacies; well they did for me anyway.

On freelance writing sites you bid for projects.  The client outlines their requirements, asks for your bid and asks for a sample of your work; all very legitimate and above-board.

Then in some cases in order to judge your writing style they ask you to submit a test as per their original brief.  In my case it was a client wanting a serious of short children’s stories  to see if you could write for that niche; they even supplied a list of titles to make it easier for you.  Hey! I’ve read ‘Danny and the Trampoline’ and I’m not saying its the story to end all children’s stories but….. let’s just say I entered into the spirit of the thing.

I submitted the story and received a reply saying it was being reviewed, yes, sadly, that was the last Danny and I ever heard.

When you think over 50 bids were received for the project and if they all submitted a ‘test’, well you do the maths.  A significant point to this is the project was never awarded nor were any of the other projects this employer offered.

This was not the only time I submitted test articles but after 4 or 5; yes I eventually realised it was the warning bell again not the tinnitus.  A check against projects requesting tests showed a number of projects were never awarded.

Life after tests

After I stopped the bell ringing and realised I was being duped if I was asked for tests I always aired my views and asked for payment; I never received any replies to these requests, strange!

I say never but in all honesty I did follow one message up and went to their website.  They had a live chat widget so when someone was online I explained why I was contacting them and would I be receiving a reply to my message contents or receiving a payment; the abuse still rings in my eyes.

Back to Danny

So this is my experience of the ‘test’ scam and hopefully it will save someone else wasting their time and efforts for a third parties benefit.  Please believe me when I say most projects are quite legitimate, although the pay levels need a reality check, and there are some nice people to work for through these sites but just be very aware of what and why you are being asked for.

As for ‘Danny and the Trampoline’ they are aired on here for posterity and also so I could practise uploading a page and that piece of writing is the only piece I have copyright on.