About Me

Nigel Lewis-Davidson

Who Am I? A question I often ask myself

I am a freelance writer who supplies high quality written work and will not sacrifice quality for quantity or speed. I am a sucker for research ensuring quality and factual accuracy for my clients. My portfolio of samples reflect my abilities in different areas of freelance writing. I adhere to agreed deadlines and on times have the capacity to accept urgent work.

My background as a police officer, where submitting reports and statements in a concise, factual and compelling manner was a necessity and secondly as a manager for a homeless charity where it was necessary to submit reports, business plans and presentations in a succinct and passionate format.

I have a NVQ 4 in Management through the Chartered Management Institute and I am a qualified A1 Assessor. I have also attended a Guardian Masterclass in Long-form Travel Writing.

Our family has also provided respite care for children with disabilities and foster care for unfortunate children. My wife is a child minder so I am regularly involved for the caring of young children.
I am available via Skype, Yahoo and Google messenger.

Service Description

I will consider any form of writing as long as it does not involve technical knowledge outside my comfort area.

I have experience at article writing and re-writing, spinning including using the spin format, web content, SEO and blogs.
Research is a speciality.

The following comments are from Mike Carter, author, travel writer and sub-editor for The Guardian newspaper, on an article I wrote for a course he tutored.

“A travel writer is essentially a storyteller, and you tell a lovely little story here. I like the fact that your introduction is from a static perspective, allowing us through you to watch the world pass by. This works very well here and immediately introduces a sense of calm and tranquillity – you have “shown” us this, not “told” us.”

“The really, really great thing about the way you’ve presented this is the fact that you don’t attempt to make any comment on what you’ve witnessed. You’ve trusted the reader to impose his or her own feelings on the scene: this is a vital part of good travel writing. You are not there to judge, just witness, and you’ve done this very well.”

“From this compelling opening, you locate the scene. Again, it’s how we discussed it in the class: not too early, or disruptive of your opening. You’ve gripped the reader and they won’t need to know exactly where they are until a couple of hundred words in; they’ll trust you.”

“And then you open the piece out, describing some action from the village, offering up other little vignettes, with rich descriptions: the families; the way they’re dressed; the stark image of the naked man (which you don’t attempt to explain until later, which again is a really nice way to proceed). It is all very nicely textured and well-paced, with a cadence that is easy on the eye and mind.”

4 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Ray Greenall said:

    Nigel, it would appear there are some uncanny similarities in our life since the “minus-20’s”. Drop me an email so we can do some catching up face-to-face, preferably with a bottle of red…..

  2. glad to see your blog is back after your problems with WordPress. Hope you gave them a piece of your mind for taking you off air through no fault of your own – that would drive mad if it happened to me.

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